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Alternate ways of Finance

Work and Study

Students can also apply through American Mideast University’s career center. The consultants will provide work opportunities that would prove to be beneficial for students in terms of paying off their tuition fee while studying at AMU online. These jobs offer students an excellent experience of the working world and assist them in developing skills.

Students normally earn around $100 to $250 per week. By studying online at AMU, individuals can comfortably meet both work and home commitments.

International Organizations

A number of international organizations help students achieve their academic endeavors through funding. Before applying at any organization, an individual must examine all sources of funding provided in their country including government scholarships and loans and the help that might be available from private foundations and organizations.

Individuals are required to apply for scholarships at any international funding organization at the time of filling out their enrollment forms. These organizations assess academic excellence of students and on the basis of continued progress offer funding.

Eligibility for Alternate Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is the aid students receive from federal, state, institutional, and private sources to help finance their University education. Financial assistance takes the form of scholarships and grants, student loans, or student employment. It is based on financial need and/or merit.

Once a student has completed the financial aid application process and is found eligible for need-based and/or merit based aid, he/she will receive a financial aid package detailing the combination of sources used to provide financial assistance.

Students Availing AMU Scholarships

Each year American Mideast University provides students funding in the form of scholarships, grants and student loans. Read what our students have to say about AMU Funding.

Jessica Steele

Software Engineering,
Computer Science

Business & Management
"AMU provided me much relief with my studies. I was able to give 100% concentration to my projects and assignments and gain good grades"

Olivia Shalese

Natural Sciences

"Without the AMU scholarship, I could never have realized my dream of working as a pharmacist!"

Jerry Simmons

Business & Management

"AMU has helped me gain exceptional knowledge and skills without worrying about student loans"

Lax Clarkson

Performing Arts

"AMU has provided full funding of my majors in music program. Without AMU, I could never gain this much recognition"

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