Commencement Day 2013


The American Mideast University's dean, faculty and staff warmly welcome students, parents, families and friends who are planning to attend AMU's Online Commencement Day with us.

At American Mideast University, we give you enough reasons to be inclined towards us. People who have been skeptical about online universities have also been convinced to enroll at American Mideast University. We have achieved this feat with the help of our accredited degree programs and experienced faculty that sets high standards for our university.

Online Commencement Day is a day of honoring our students for their outstanding work and achievements they have made in the past academic year. American Mideast University invites you to join our students on this special day as it congratulates them on their academic success and urge them to use that knowledge to positively impact our world.


President’s Message

I extend my congratulations to American Mideast University's Class of 2012 upon the completion of their degree. Achieving this milestone is a significant accomplishment and your work as a student will pay great dividends in the future. As a graduate of AMU, you and your family should take pride in your achievement.

The demands on AMU students are heavy, and I hope this experience has given you a sense of intellectual accomplishment as well as personal growth. I encourage you to look towards research and innovation in your field of education.

On behalf of American Mideast University's Board of trustees and the university’s community, welcome to Online Commencement 2012-2013!

Jason Gibbs



David Anders
President and CEO of Revelation Inc.

David Anders is the president and chief executive officer of the Revelation Inc., a top consulting firm. The company provides funding to potential entrepreneurs to build and expand the growth of their business and take them to the next level.

He is invited to the AMU’s Online Commencement Day to inspire AMU graduates to make their mark in the business world with confidence and skill.

Anders has co-founded Revelation Inc. with Hadi Sufyan, one of the top businessmen in Dubai. Anders has worked in major Gulf States and surveyed many countries and gains exceptional knowledge in the field of business.

He works with startup companies, investors, government, and industry organizations to accelerate the pace of innovation and rate of success for local entrepreneurs.


History and background

At AMU, diversity equals endless possibilities. It means you are accepted for who you are and for your unique talents. It says that your individuality makes this university a richer place.

The American Mideast University is the most preferred online educational institutions in the Gulf. It offers 71 academic degree programs for study in health, business and management, physical sciences, performing arts, lay and psychology.

AMU aims to prepare students for a broad range of job in the public and private sectors. For this reason, education at the University covers specific skills and scientific methods as well as other more theoretical skills that will enable graduates to improve their qualifications. Teaching and research are closely integrated in order to achieve this, first and foremost by according them equal importance in the daily work of the academic and scientific staff and whenever possible basing the teaching on research.


Gold medalists

  • Lorenzo Maz

    Gold Medalist
    for academic achievment in
    Health Science

  • Ume Ambreen

    Gold Medalist
    for academic achievment in

  • Nandita Mehta

    Gold Medalist
    for academic achievment in
    Natural Sciences

  • Gabby Micheals

    Gold Medalist
    for academic achievment in



Our graduates are placed in top multinationals for their exceptional skills and in-depth knowledge in their field. AMU houses best faculty members available in the world due to which our graduate turnover rate is better than average online institutions. Multinationals around the world regularly employ AMU graduates for their unmatched skills and expertise.

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