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American Mideast University believes in providing superior services to its students and education partners. We make it easier for students to earn their degree which is globally accepted and recognized. To further facilitate its international students and alumni, American Mideast University is now offering US Apostille and Embassy Legalization services in your resident country.

Legalization of an individual’s academic credentials through American Mideast University increases his chances of employability across the Gulf States. It provides proof of good quality education acquired by an individual. Students availing the service do not have to waste time getting every single document attested by relevant authorities, the service staff at the student centre takes good care of an individual’s documents and get the documents attested on their behalf.

Types of Legalization Services

Benefits of Getting Your Documents Legalized

Getting your academic documents will authenticate your education in your region. Plus, if you’re going to use these documents overseas, for education or work, your academic documents will most probably be required to be legalized before they can be accepted. That’s when Orlando’s free legalization will help you a great deal. Some benefits of getting your educational documents legalized are as follows:

Process & Cost of Document Legalization

Americanmideast University offers legalization services only for student convenience and NOT for profit. We offer this service via third party, which allows you to save money as you pay only third-party cost in the entire process.

To learn more about Americanmideast’s Legalization services or to view sample documents call us at: 1-866-416-7684 or

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